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We are a California based company, a decade old small business specializing in various metal power strips...

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the exceptional product quality, competitive prices and our very best service.

Our power strips have been used by many government agencies at city, state and federal levels, military branches and bases; a good number of schools, colleges and universities, churches and hospitals; numerous small and large businesses including many Fortune 500 companies; as well as countless private homes.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Same day delivery if order received before 2:30pm Pacific time

Contact us here:

info@X1UP.com for general information and inquiries

sales@X1UP.com for sales related issues

cs@X1UP.com for after sale customer service issues

support@X1UP.com for technical support

rma@X1UP.com for exchange and return

Mail, call or fax us:

e-dustry, inc.
1940 E. Locust Str. Ste K
Ontario, CA 91761-7674
909.628.5007 fax


These power bars are awesome! Exactly what I asked for! The right length. The right number of plugs. The right orientation of the plugs. The right orientation of the power cable coming out of the body of the bar. The right plug. The right power rating. The right color. The fit and finish are impeccable. Perfect seams. Not a gap in sight. Heavy duty grommet. Clean right angle edges. Not a sharp edge or burr in sight (nor in touch). Clean, neat steel hardware. Solid construction. Heavy enough to actually use. Light enough to actually mount. Outlets do not flex when inserting or removing plugs. Really pleased I spent the extra few bucks and waited the extra few weeks.! Mike M (on EPS-045126)