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Hardwired Power Strips with White 20Amp Outlets

Hardwired Power Strips with White 20Amp Outlets

Recently we got a few calls asking if we have (white) hardwired power strips with White 20 Amp Outlets.

Too bad, we do not. The reason is the cost. Now even the black 20 Amp outlets are already many times the cost of regular 15A outlets. We don’t have enough quantity to generate even a minimum order q’ty for the White 20A outlets. If we have to make some white power strips with White 20A outlets, it WILL be more expensive than the black 20A outlets. Supply and demand.

We probably should risk a little just to try some. It won’t cost a fortune, but still, it may turn out to be an investment that will sit in the warehouse for years…

2 thoughts on “Hardwired Power Strips with White 20Amp Outlets”

  1. I disagree with your decision to not produce te white 20 amp units.Kitchen under cabinets require 20 amp branch circuits. I believe you could sell many units. I could use 6, 24” units tomorrow and would pay a fair price.

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