HT01605NV1 16″ Hardwired Power Strip with 5 20A Outlets


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16″ Hardwired Power Strip with 5 20 Amp Outlets

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Product Description

  EPS-HT01605NV1 16″ Hardwired Power Strip with 5 20Amp Outlets
This hardwired type power strip is good for installation in your kitchen, garage for cabinet, rack, island, countertop and so on. It is not for normal wall outlets. There is no power cord and plug with this unit.


  • 16″ (0.41m) Durable Metal Housing Power Strip
  • 5 Black 20 Amp (US NEMA 5-20R) Outlets, Vertical Orientation
  • Hardwired without Power Cord for Mounting at Your Desired Location
  • 6 Easily Punched off Knockouts on Each Side – (on Top and Bottom Cover, Both Sides and Ends)
  • ETL Approved and Listed (Conforms to UL5 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62)
  • Outlets 1.89″ (48mm) apart, Center to Center
  • Easy On/Off Back Cover, Where the Wires Are Connected
  • Wires Readily Striped for Easier Removal and Faster Installation – Higher Efficiency
  • Great Item for Contractors, Electricians and Installers, as well as DIYers


Installation work of this unit must be done by a professional, a licensed electrician or an electric engineer.

Never install this unit during a thunder storm.

Switch off the power before you start installation work.

This unit is for indoor use only.

This unit is not intended for use in or around wet or potentially wet areas including, but not limited to, aquariums, saunas, showers and fountains.

Risk of Electric Shock!

Before installation, you may need to get a 3/8″ wire clamp connector (also available here) and 3 wire connectors (also referred to as terminal connectors, we have yellow connectors available for your convenience). Decide your wire gauge, and ask store attendant for assistance what connectors you should get) from your local hardware, electric supply or home improvement stores.

Minimum tools required: A fine to medium fine philips screw driver, and a pair of scissors, and a pair of mid size slip joint pliers

  1. Turn off electricity in the house
  2. Decide where to place this unit
  3. Choose the side you want the cord exit to be and mark on the Knockouts coin
  4. Gently punch off the Knockouts coin marked earlier with the back of a screw driver or other tool handy
  5. Unscrew the Back Cover off the power strip with a philips screw driver
  6. Take out the white plastic insulation sheet, then use the pair of scissors to cut a hole (about 3/4″ in diameter, or big enough for the wires to go through) on this plastic insulation sheet WHERE the wires will run through (if you decide to use the bottom knockout on the back cover for wire connection, the hole should be in the middle of the sheet, or, on the side. In this case, you will not need a wire clamp connector. Thus, please ignore step 7, 8 and 11 below)
  7. Put on the 3/8″ wire clamp connector you already have in place. Secure the installation of the wire clamp connector by tightening the big ring screw (which should be the inside the wall, something like this) with the pair of slip joint pliers
  8. Run the wires through the wire clamp connector, from the outside into the power strip
  9. Please remember to run the wires through the white plastic insulation sheet (In case bottom knockout on the back cover is to be used for wire connection, please run the wires through the back cover first, now with the knockout coin punched off, from outside to inside)
  10. Match the color of the wires and secure the wire connection with proper wire connectors (usually different wire gauge use different colored wire connectors)
  11. Tighten the two pressure screws properly on the wire clamp connector
  12. Place the plastic insulation sheet back in position in the power strip
  13. Screw the Back Cover on
  14. Mount the power strip where you want it to be:
    A) For power strips with mounting tabs on both ends: screw down the unit on the floor, wall or in your cabinet or on your rack, where you want it to be
    B) For power strips without mounting tabs, but to be mounted with clips, place the unit where you want it to be first, make marks where to install the clips, which normally should be placed about 6″ away from each end, and then screw the clips down with screws provided. Then, snap the power strip in on the clips
  15. Turn electricity back on, you are ready to go

* For installation purpose: The length of the power strip does not include the mounting tabs (approx. 0.624″/15.8mm on both ends, if available, please check the above spec chart); the width does not include the size of screws (min. 0.064″/1.6mm on each side); the height does not include the receptacles (about 0.208″/5.3mm above the surface of the strip).

We also custom manufacture for our customers. Please contact us for more details.

Model #: EPS-HT01605NV1
Description: 16″ 5 Outlet Hardwired Power Strip 20A
Measurement: L16″ x W1.614″ x H1.255″ (406 x 41 x 32mm) *
Outlets: 5
Outlet Color: Black
Outlet Orientation: Vertical
Receptacle Type: NEMA 5-20R, 12 gauge wiring
Outlet Spacing: 1.98″ (48mm) (center to center)
Cord Exit Knockout 6 (on top and bottom cover, both sides and ends)
Voltage Input/Output: 110-125V 60Hz
Current Input: 20A
Full Load: 2500VA (Recommended Max Load 1920W)
On/Off Switch: N/A
Circuit Breaker: N/A
Surge Protection: N/A
Indicators: N/A
Mounting Tabs: On both ends (5/8″)
Mounting Clips: 3/4″ (19mm) Spring steel clips included


Additional information

Weight 1.45 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 2 in


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