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Regarding GFI or GFCI outlets

Regarding GFI or GFCI outlets

We have received quite some calls lately from our customers or potential customers who would like to know if we have any models of power strips, especially hardwired power strips that have GFI or GFCI outlets.

We are sorry to inform that we do not have any model that has such outlets available at this time. One of the major reasons is that GFI/GFCI outlets are usually rather bulky, which would not fit in the hardwired power strip casing. Usually, people would like to install a hardwired power strip under the kitchen cabinet, best unseen. If to have any existing GFI/GFCI outlets in a hardwired power strip, it really won’t be pretty after installed. We came a bit long way only to shrink 1/4″ in height or thickness to what is now from our previous version. And another reason is, of course, always, the cost.

A temporary solution is to install one of our hardwired power strips near an existing GFI/GFCI outlet, using plug in method with a heavy gauge cord such as our EPA-PC012, then the outlets on the hardwired power strips will thus “become” GFI or GFCI.

One thought on “Regarding GFI or GFCI outlets”

  1. U can also hardwire the power strips directly to the load side of the GFCI located nearby in kitchen, this will allow GFI protection, without the bulk in the strip. Sparky Todd

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