If you are a business, usually your purchase is for resale, we may require such documents as business license, state sales permit, we will send you a credit application form for you to fill out, with such information as your contact info, your banking info and at least three trade references. After the form is completed, please scan/email/fax back to us, or you can send us your standard form with such information, for us to set you up in our system. After that, you will be able to order directly online with your prices.

If you prefer to use credit card for the purchase, we would charge an additional service fee up to 3.0%, on wholesale orders with discounted prices. No such service fee for orders with online prices.

After we set you up in our system, you can also send us PO, and we’d be shipping out your order upon receipt of your PO and you can pay us with standard 30 day terms upon credit approval.